My Story - Janette Taylor

It all started when I was seven years old and I asked my mum "Where is my daddy"? I got the usual response "He died during the war". I knew I had two (half) brothers in Catholic orphanages and knew their dad visited them, so this was confusing to me. If they were my brothers, why was my dad dead? I was then sent into orphanages myself, until I was fourteen, when my mum unofficially took me away. At the same time and at my mum's request, the younger of my half brothers, who were in the Royal Navy, was granted compassionate discharge, to come home and support us, as my mum claimed she was medically unfit to work. It was then I noticed she became hostile towards me. I asked her again about my father and she said "I will tell you when you are sixteen". Needless to say, this never happened!

Then in the late 70's I decided to send for my mum,s divorce certificate. I was stunned when I saw this man cited as co-respondent! I joined TRACE, but after several months, I moved away from the Midlands and discontinued my search. Then when I had access to a computer, I found

So many good people offered to help me, advising me who to contact etc. The search was doubly difficult, because my dad married twice, and there were two sets of relatives, but never the less, the researchers stayed with it, working relentlessly on my behalf. When I found out my Dad had died by his own hand, I wondered if this was closure, but again the researchers continued delving and found two half brothers and a nephew, also an uncle's son and wife. I have been on an emotional roller coaster, but believe me, it was worth it! To actually have a family I never knew, after all these years, is mind blowing. It's strange, but just looking at my family's photographs I love them to bits already!

So Gi Tracers - If it can happen for me, it can happen for you too. Don't give up or become disillusioned, no matter how long it takes STAY WITH IT!!!