Barry McFeat

I'lI have just returned from a visit to Georgia where I had a big reunion with my American family.

Sadly my father died in November last year, but I was able to meet my half sister and her family.

I also met numerous cousins and even an aunt who is 93. It was a wonderful trip and their acceptance of me and their warmth and hospitality was more than I had dreamed of.

My sister is delighted to have a brother as she has no other siblings and we agree that we both look like our dad. I was able to be part of my fathers past by looking through the many family albums and was able to bring back personal items of his that my sister had kept and wished me to have.

I was also able to visit his grave which was an emotional time for me. To be honest I never believed that it was possible to find my father. I thought it would never happen, but thanks to the PC , Trace and its members, both here and abroad, it has become a reality. I was so sad when I discovered at the end of March how close I had been to meeting my father, but the upside is that I have a wonderful sister who can tell me about him.

To all of you still searching, do keep pushing on. I realise now that I found my father because he had died and it appears that these records can be freely accessed.

Good luck to you all and thanks once again to all those who helped me.

Barry McFeat - ( Found James Walter Windsor TSGT USAF)