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Some Reading Matter
How to Locate Anyone who is or has been in the Military - Lt Col Richards S Johnson. Published by MIE Publishing POB 340081 San Antonio Texas 78234
G.I. the American Soldier in World War II - Kennett, L., Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1987:
The Invasion of France and Germany - ELIOT MORISON, S. , Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1957
The G.Is: The Americans in Britain 1942-1945 - LONGMATE, N., Hutchinson, London 1975
Rich Relations: The American Occupation of Britain 1942 – 1945 - REYNOLDS, D., Harper Collins, London, 1995
‘Over Here’ – the G.Is in Wartime Britain - GARDINER, J. Collins & Brown, London, 1992.
Yanks at Southampton - POTHECARY, R., Dorset Publishing Company, 1986.
Home Away from Home – The Yanks in Ireland - KELLY, M.P. , The Appletree Press, Belfast, 1994.
Army Air Forces Stations: A Guide to the stations where USAAF personnel served in the UK during WW11 - ANDERSON, Capt B.J., , USAF Historical Research Center, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, 1985.
8th Air Force Remembered - G. Fox, ISO Publications, London SE1 7HR
Fields of Little America - M Bowman, Patrick Stephens Ltd., Cambridge
Fortresses of the Big Triangle First - C. Bishop, Anglia Books
Love Stories of World War II - Larry King (Editor)
101st Airborne: The Screaming Eagles at Normandy - Mark A. Bando
Beyond the Beachead: The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy - Joseph Balkoski & Stephen E. Ambrose
My War - Andy Rooney
Hell in Hürtgen Forest: The Ordeal and Triumph of an American Infantry Regiment - Robert Sterling Rush (Hardcover - November 2001)
Hospital Ships of World War II : An Illustrated Reference - Emory A. Massman
Citizen Soldiers : The U.S. Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge To the Surrender of Germany, June 7, 1944-May 7, 1945 - Stephen E. Ambrose
The Victors : Eisenhower and His Boys : The Men of World War II - Stephen E. Ambrose
The Ragged Irregulars : The 91st Bomb Group in World War II - William N. Hess & Marion H. Havelaar
Doctor Danger Forward : A World War II Memoir of a Combat Medical Aidman, First Infantry Division -Allen N. Towne
Past forgetting: My love affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower – Kay Summersby Morgan
Death Traps : The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II - Belton Y. Cooper & Stephen E. Ambrose
The Forbidden Diary: A B-24 Navigator Remember - John Lawrence Stewart
A Dying Breed : The True Story of a World War II Air Combat Crew's Courage, Camaraderie, Faith, and Spirit - Neal B. Dillon
Follow Me and Die: The Destruction of a American Division in World War II - Cecil B. Currey
First Across the Rhine : The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion in France, Belgium, and Germany - David E, Col. Pergrin,
Healers in World War II : An Oral History of the American Medical Corps - Patricia W. Sewell
Hell in the Heavens : Ill-fated 8th Air Force Bomb Group Missions - William N. Hess
USAAFHandbook 1939-1945 - Martin W. Bowman
The 761st "Black Panther" Tank Battalion in World War II - Julius W., Jr. Becton
Iron Knights : The United States 66th Armored Regiment 1918-1945 - Gordon A. Blaker
A Surgeon in Combat European Theatre-World War II, Omaha Beach to Ebensee, 1943-1945 - William V. McDermott
Spearheading D-Day : American Special Units of the Normandy Invasion - Jonathan Gawne
Unforgettable Men in Unforgettable Times - Robert Boardman
The Mighty Endeavor : The American War in Europe - Charles B. MacDonald
Checkertails : The 325th Fighter Group in the Second World War - Ernest R. McDowell, et al
Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II - John C. McManus
The Courage of Common Men: Texans Remember World War II - Stephen Neal Manning
Missions Remembered: Recollections of the World War II Air War by The Men of the Middle Tennessee WW2 Fighter Pilots Association
381st Bomb Group - Ron MacKay
US Army Handbook 1939-1945 - George Forty
The Mighty Eighth in WW2 : A Memoir - J. Kemp, Brig. Gen., USAFR McLaughlin
Winged Victory : The Army Air Forces in World War II - Geoffrey Perret
Unsung Valor : A GI's Story of World War II - A. Cleveland Harrison 94th inf.
The War in Europe : From the Kasserine Pass to Berlin, 1942-1945 (G.I. Series, Vol 1) - J. Phillip Langellier
Commandos and Rangers of World War II (Battle Standards) - James Ladd
Death of a Division 106th inf. - Charles Whiting
Air Force Combat Units of World War II – Maurer
When Jim Crow Met John Bull : Black American Soldiers in World War II Britain - Graham Smith
Yank : World War II from the Guys Who Brought You Victory - Steve Kluger
B-17s over Berlin : Personal Stories from the 95th Bomb Group (H) - Ian L. Hawkins
Lion in the Sky : US 8th Air Force Fighter Operations, 1942-45 - Jerry Scutts
Paratrooper! : The Saga of U.S. Army and Marine Parachute and Glider Combat Troops During World War II - Gerard M. Devlin
Yank : The Story of World War II As Written by the Soldiers (A USA Institute of Land Warfare Book)
B-17 Flying Fortress (Warbird History) - William N. Hess
With Courage: The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II (S/N 008-070-00663-4) - John F. Shiner
United States Army in World War II: Readers Guide (S/N 008-029-00251-5)
War Brides of World War II - Elfrieda Berthiaume Shukert & Barbara Smith Scibetta
Spearhead in the West : the Third Armored Division, 1941-45
The Jolly Rogers : History of the 90th Bomb Group During World War II - John S. Alcorn
Good-Bye, Piccadilly : British War Brides in America (Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Series) - Jenel Virden
Screaming Eagle : Memoirs of a B-17 Group Commander - Dale Smith
Your loving son "Ed" : letters from a World War II G.I. : From boot camp to the battlefields of Europe - Edward J. Jennings, & Fern Jennings
To save Bastogne - Robert F. Phillips
The View from the Turret : The 743d Tank Battalion During World War II - William B. Folkestad
Bloody Skies : A 15th AAF B-17 Combat Crew : How They Lived and Died - Melvin W. McGuire & Robert Hadley
Strike Swiftly! : The 70th Tank Battalion : From North Africa to Normandy to Germany - Marvin Jensen
Flying Tigers - Ron Heiferman
With the Possum and the Eagle : The Memoir of a Navigator's War over Germany and Japan - Ralph H. Nutter
F Company, 347th Infantry Regiment, 1942-1945 - Barbara Strang & Wendy Krys Calvert
America Storms the Beaches 1944 (Walker and Company's World War 2) - John Devaney
World War II Combat Squadrons of the United States Air Force : The Official Military Record of Every Active Squadron (Air Force Combat Units of World) - Maurer
To Hear Only Thunder Again : America's World War II Veterans Come Home - Mark D. Van Ells
The Afro-American and the Second World War - Neil A. Wynn & John Carrier
The US 8th Air Force at Warton 1942-1945 : The World's Greatest Air Depot - Harry Holmes
Out of the Blue; U.S. Army Airborne Operations in World War 2 - James Alvin. Huston
As You Were : Cannon Company, 34th Infantry Division, 168th Infantry Regiment, World War II - Howard D. Ashcraft
The Greatest War : Americans in Combat, 1941-1945 - Gerald Astor
The 92nd Infantry Division and the Italian Campaign in World War II - Daniel K. Gibran
C-66: A World War II Chronicle of an Armored Infantry Company - Weston L. Emery
The Might Eighth - A History of the U.S. Eighth Air Force - Roger A. FREEMAN, Military Book Society, London W1A 2LG
Mighty Eighth War Manual - Roger A. FREEMAN, Jane’s Publishing Co. Ltd., London EV1V 2PU
Airfields of the 8th, Then and Now - Roger A. FREEMAN
UK Airfields of the 9th, Then and Now - Roger A. FREEMAN
‘Operation Bolero’, The Americans in Bristol and the West Country, 1942 – 1945. This includes an appendix of First U.S. Army Station units in the West Country up to 31st May, 1944.