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GI Father Finding Guide -

As prepared by one of our ‘Friends’ in America

Purpose: To provide some of the information you need to begin the search for your American GI father.

Introduction: For whatever reason you have decided to try to find your American GI father, there are certain things that you must do.

"When you pray you have to move your feet" so remember that you will have to do your part, this is your search. The completeness of the information you pull together in the beginning is all-important. Try to be as through as possible at this point because a week or more extra research on your part now could save months of time.

A word of warning: If you are not totally committed to this search then do not begin. You have to be prepared for a long search that may take years and know that you may never reach your goal. Your father could be dead or he might not be the ideal person that you envisaged when you started looking for him. The search, at times, may take a greater emotional toll than you realize. You must be prepared to share all the information you have about your parents regardless of how painful it might be to you or your mother. If you knew that your father was alive and had his address or telephone number in front of you today, could you write the letter or make the call? The letter or call that could change forever your life, his life, and possibly his American family’s life. Suppose that you find the wrong man? Suppose that your father denies that you are his child, could you handle the rejection?

Continue only if you are totally committed to finding and contacting your father.

Where to start: Start with what you know. Get out a piece of paper and list all the facts. Some of these may not seem relevant but get the information if you can.